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I decided to speak to adolescents because of the experiences I have overcome and to bring awareness to mental health and death by suicide.  It gives me peace and awareness of life.  In  2000 I chose to further my education and learn more about how  we as people think from a young age.  I studied Child Psychology, at Stratford Institute, Graduated in 2003 and Psychology at University of Phoenix, Graduated in 2013.  Going on to graduate with my Criminal Justice Degree from TWU  then onto studying Sociology with their Masters program there after, earning my MBA with University of Phoenix.

I started speaking to adolescences in Dallas, at the JCCC center in 2003, and than on to Kansas City, at the Jackson County Family Courts and alternative schools in  2004.  Since than I have continued to counsel adolescents that need and want to get some kind of clarification about how their life is going.  I have an open door for any group or individual seeking my assistance.  My mission is to continue to  have a growth mindset and to always give back, as my business continues to grow.

The purpose of me being a Motivational Speaker and Consultant,  is to reach and share my experiences with individuals looking to be better and feel better.  To let them know they are not alone in their fight for success and happiness.  My intention is to touch them and let them know, whatever they are going through, they do have control over which direction they want to go in life.  

I enjoy the feed back every time, not only am I helping them but they are inspiring me to continue to do what I  do.  That is, to have them feel they can be who they want to be and be very successful at it! 

Along with being a Motivational Speaker/ Child Consultant, I'm the author of, "Finding You Through the Storm". 


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